Godspeed Pathways to Success!

Godspeed Pathways to Success!
This very sacred, yet highly dynamic & professional space shifts your energy, validates your core essence and helps you realize your deepest dreams & convictions are possible!Intense Work With Angels, Aura/Chakra Reading, Mystic Parties, Exploring the World of Metaphysics & the Mind, Women Connected Groups, Drumming/Tuning Bowls and Chanting Empowernment ... Inspiration, motivation and shift in contextual values to fuel your subsconscious into action. It does not judge, it creates... I can give you the tools & momentum to thrive through your journey & celebrate each step of your way there. Use these teachings to inspire you to TRIUMPH! Go for it & Carpe Diem! Namaste!

Friday, November 26, 2010


"Hope IS Alive Saturday!"

I just had an idea, we all do infinite numbers of kind actions to total strangers, yet the media, and all we hear is how bad things are.... I want to send out a challenge: we have Black Friday ... Monday... and so on. Why not make it "Hope IS Alive Saturday" make it our specific intent to do at least one conscious deliberate act of kindness... Keep tract of it and post it in facebook as "Hope IS Alive Saturday." Spread the word as if it was the wind, through out our planet...lets show the power of positive intent... That Hope IS Alive and thriving and it Within Our Hearts to Spread It's Wings ... That we however small, united, we are a huge force to be known...
What can you do? SMILE, it is contagious.... Open the doors to strangers, buy a meal at a fast food chain and give it to a homeless, give directions to a lost person... Let some person go ahead in line.... Ahhh traffic, be considerate and be kind in the highway... Tip good if you can... Do the dishes for a loved one... Say a compliment... Love yourself and others...Do a nice deed for an elderly neighbor!
... One other understand those with different abilities from you... Child or adult, resect them and their families... It will really be appreciated... Namaste! ( ...as with all in life, use common sense, use respect and dignity in all)
Go for it Namaste! You can follow this thread in this Facebook... http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=lf#!/profile.php?id=621027258

Or at www.succeedwithrevbarbarasoliman.ning.com or http://barbarasoliman.blogspot.com/

Let us prove to our own selves and all, the huge power that we can have, when we, not only unite with our friends, but with total strangers for a good cause... Let us start doing some great deeds... Go for it! Namaste!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

GRATITUDE IS SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST THANKS! 30 Days of Empowerment, Growth, and Success…

( I see myself in this deeply spiritual and empowering painting by Carlos Augusto Pereira, world renowned extraordinary artist! My infinite gratitude to you Carlos, for it is your great spirit and enlightenment, that is showcased in your infinite artform... It is a great honor to have cross paths in time and space, in this magnificent holographic universe and most of all to be your friend!)

30 Days of Empowerment, Growth, and Success…

Day Four
In Gratitude There Not Just Thanks,

I am very grateful for you to be reading this blog entry… May YOUR life be filled with joy, wonder, awe, extraordinary manifestations of the glory of the divinity in it, may you be healthy, wealthy in all aspects (including monetary richness), be protected, have a long life being an instrument of good, and have the time to enjoy it all at its fullest. Namaste!

- Rev. Barbara Soliman, Godspeed: Believe, Achieve, Enjoy & Succeed!

Now, stop for a moment and ask yourself after touching your wrist and feel your heartbeat? What, who, how is this miracle of my heartbeat, my breathing, my standing or seating on this chair can be? How can the billions of circuits that exist within me work so amazingly well with each other… the infinite processes that are at this very moment, and each moment of my earthly or otherwise existence can happen not only simultaneously, but also automatically? Do you imagine the processes going on in nature, the our earth, solar system, the universe itself? How about the spiritual, multi-dimensional holographic, no time no space existence that goes so much further than meet our senses? Do you get the picture?

We live in a world of miracles, of extraordinary happenings that are going on without us really paying attention to them. They happen at the most incredible micro and macro levels. We do not have to worry if the sun or moon will come up, our bodies to work, nature to have the birds sing and fly, the rivers to flow without floating out to space because of earth’s gravitational field and so much more… Ahh wonders…!

Imagine your life, no matter the issues, the circumstances, challenges that we are currently experiencing, we have so much to be grateful for… First, WE ARE ALIVE! That in itself is so much to appreciate, we mostly have a roof over our heads, food on the table, have family, friends, pets, coworkers, so many people, even the strangers to be so thankful for. We live in a country where it is encouraged for one to speak out one’s perception of anything, to defend one’s views, likes, dislikes without the fright of being apprehended or killed… We have a magnificent land that we call “of the free.” We have no limits to what we can become or be… that no matter your profession, you are respected and HAVE A VOICE! A country which is really beautiful, has values, we can differ, yet eat dinner together in harmony… that is democracy at its best!

If we are sick, we can be cured, we have the best of care in this earth. There is so much available to us, Oh my God, so much to be thankful for, that even on that which we call death, or transitional state of being from one single line universe to one of a multitude of manifestations, we can find the comfort to able to remember the joys, experiences, and love shared. Even without money, there are a myriad of ways to find low cost or free things that bring us great joy.

That even if those nearsighted beings that once shared the best of us, may have left us to deal with less than ideal situations, we thank them for the memories, for the magnificent learning that the struggles have given us and helped us grow beyond limits. To the sick ones that we have had to help live, thrive, and love without limits… Oh so much my dear friend…

When we are grateful, we acknowledge the best in a situation, we bring forth the positive in it. When we offer gratitude in front of a prayer, decree, intention, manifestation, meditation, or mantra we bring forth the process of faith, belief, and the universe or divine starts its process of manifesting…!

In gratitude, our vibrational rate changes to a more positive life force which changes the perception and contextual value of that which we are grateful for. It elevates our feelings. It puts in action the dynamics of something better that is being thankful for processes in our subconscious mind, thus brings it to us in miraculous ways.

Gratitude is a small word that carries so much weight, power, and a real manifestation of truth, miracles, and a new reality for our current state of mind or situation.

Bring the wheels of time, essence, and creation into movement by believing before seeing, being thankful is true expectancy and the UNIVERSE PROVIDES… AMEN!

Experience it, let it permeate your life, fill your every pore, ALLOW IT to flow freely through your existence and EXPECT for great things to happen…

May the Spirit of This Extraordinary Season fill your heart and soul with great joy, greatness, and the wisdom to be able to enjoy it at its fullest!


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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SUCCEED!: 30 Days of Empowerment, Growth, and Learning… Regardless the situation, I can thrive, and succeed!!

SUCCEED!: 30 Days of Empowerment, Growth, and Learning… Regardless the situation, I can thrive, and succeed!!

30 Days of Empowerment, Growth, and Learning… Regardless the situation, I can thrive, and succeed!!

Day Three

I hold the key to my freedom, no matter the circumstance. I am the captain of my own universe. No one can make feel bad, blame me, for past mistakes, or even present hurdles that have derived from them. Usually, we get blamed for living, yes, for living. Those around us can try to belittle us, make themselves feel bigger, more powerful, get satisfaction of intentionally putting us down by pointing every little issue that we make or do different, good, bad, or not up to their standards. Many times, this behavior is a call for help from the person who is either having mayor issues themselves, not knowing how to solve those issues, needs a scapegoat in order to feel empowered, some else is doing the same behavior to them, or simply utilizes one because is the only person who they can actually do the negative behavior to without being hurt or have it bounce back at them. Ah, but the law of cause and effect does not forget…

It is within our power to stop this person or persons from making one feel inferior, bad, or less than desirable, ugly, etc. When we know we are doing the correct action, that life is full of lessons, that we do not deserve that derivative behavior, we then become FREE!

We have the ultimate choice to ALLOW what can and cannot hurt or belittle us. We have the power to stand up, and yet not be confrontational. By acting assuredly, assertively, and letting those around us know that their actions, words, emotional tantrums, opinions are respected, because it is their perceptions of the issues happening, yet they do not, cannot, and will not affect us. Things will change, when we stand tall for our beliefs, not having to insult, or respond badly to the other person(s), we simply BELIEVE DEEPLY IN OURSELVES, IN THE POWER WITHIN THAT MAKES US UNIQUE AND TRULY BEAUTIFUL!

We are allowed to make mistakes, we do not want or deliverately make them, but we learn from them and are our greatest teachers. We are not perfect, yet we can do our best. We have our OWN perception of issues and circumstances as well.

Educate yourself in how to be able to see reality around. Make it a choice to look at your entire situation from a director’s point of view. Imagine yourself at a movie theater, then place your self at the seat of the person controlling the movie. You can rewind it, play it forward, you can stop it at any given moment. See it (the movie of your life) from a detached point of view. Look and analyze each of the players, actors, their roles, how you all affect each other. From this perspective see their body language, their true reactions, how they interact with others. You are now in control, you will see what has been missing from the entire picture.

Now, you can feel empowered to make the correct decisions. See yourself, making the correct decisions. Ask for guidance from your higher self, angels, spiritual guides, the divine, other humans who have proven loyalty to you, or a professional specialist on the subject. Hire a coach, who can give you the inspiration and perceptual value to your needed goals or situation.

You have an extraordinary resource, YOUR OWN MIND! You can control how you react to issues. You can change the contextual or perceptive value of all in your life. You can choose joy, happiness, control of your live, to see beauty and the positive in all situations. A day may be cloudy, rainy, windy and with all the components to make your life miserable, YET, YOU CHOOSE TO MAKE A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE, ONE WITH PEACE, LOVE, HAPPINESS ALL AROUND YOU AND THE RAIN WILL BE REFRESHING, SOOTHING, AND MUSIC TO YOUR EARS AS IT HITS THE WINDSHIELD, WINDOW, OR STREET… THE WIND WILL CARESS YOUR FACE AND GIVE YOU A WONDERFUL LIBERATING FEELING… THE ENTIRE EXPERIENCE WILL PROVE SO WONDERFUL THAT YOU WILL REMEMBER IT FOR TIME TO COME! Now the oppositve, a perfect sunny day, but you have a bad mood, feel low, depressed, ugly, fat, not intelligent, not worth it, and I can assure you it becomes the worse thing or time for you to remember… and you will remember!

Now, you choose your thoughts, your actions, your perception, allow only good, feel that you are so unique that you can see the actual miracle that your life IS! You are open to miracles, to seeing beauty in yourself and others, you expect good things to happen, you respect others and are and demand respect as well. NOW YOU ARE BECOMING IN CHARGE, YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF WHAT HAPPENS, THE DIVINE CAN MANIFEST ITS WONDERS THROUGH YOU, BECAUSE GUESS WHAT… YOU ARE NOT BLOCKING YOUR BEST LIFE TO BE!



Rev. Barbara Soliman

PS. I invite you to find yourself and grow, empower yourself and thrive, allow greatness in your life and SUCCEED! Please visit: www.succeedwithrevbarbarasoliman.ning.com or contact me at revbarbarasoliman@gmail.com for a comprehensive listing of the coaching, classes, and so much more at Godspeed: Believe, Achieve, Enjoy, & Succeed!