Godspeed Pathways to Success!

Godspeed Pathways to Success!
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Targeted Perception, Faith, and Persistence Play Key Role In Helping Seeing the Best in the Worst Condition

Amazing things do happen!

Growth and beauty can arise from total chaos

How many people get their inside roof crumble over their heads, have to rebuild it from scratch, have a central air conditioner and a car air broken, four tires about to explode, their car break the brakes, electrical system and power steering in one week’s time. How many are told that their house can be contaminated with asbestos, including their entire family. How many have to live in it for a week, then finally find out it was not asbestos, thank heaven. How many had grey dust/paste, brown coffee grind like material invade their life even in their food, and mere existence.

… How many get the insurance to pay, angels to fix-cleanup-renew their home in a nick of time while receiving the money to pay for it all, yet a mortgage company to hold it saying we’ll send you a fourth of it, and the contractor to finish before it even gets to them.

… How many get their entire contents of their house, even their underclothes, furniture, and all restored, while all of this happens. Even more, how many grow immensely out of the entire situation regardless of the incredible sorrow, frustration, pain, fright, madness, meanness, seeing man’s best and worth in it all.

… How many can find beauty in fallen debris, find hope to see beyond the blocks and sadly unsupportive individuals from institutions, who only see one as a number in millions as the mortgage company. Who, regardless of complete compliance, made it impossible to receive the allocated funds in time, in every way possible. Yet, because of the true angels and heroes, it all still took place. Of my earth angels who lent me a hand in such incredible times such as my mother and aunts.

How many can see beyond it all and know that behind the midst of smoke clouding the clear view, there are incredible reasons that can surely make one wonder about the Divine Intervention in all of this. I truly feel incredibly blessed regardless of the insanity of the situation. It has proven how truth, good will and persistence still prevail.

… How no matter how many terrible people are out there, there are triple the amount of great ones. How one can really grow in the midst of chaos, that one can develop stronger will and intuition, that one can achieve bonds with total strangers from an infinite number of countries and languages, yet lack of words are not barriers. A huge smile and a big heart is all it takes to share extraordinary tales of a lifetime.

This is truly a blessing in an incredible disguise. It has made me realize the greatness of those whom I share this journey with. Those whom I work with, how lucky we are to “have a piece of heaven, no matter if it is not perfect.” How to really appreciate those who partake in this wonderful sharing of our everyday life. How lucky we are to really care for each other. How I have seen so many places of work where they do not have what we have in any way. Truly, I feel so blessed. I am eternally grateful to the angel, sister, great leader I work for and share an extraordinary experience with. A woman who has had the patience, understanding and trust to wait for my return.

How many have to change hotels because in the five star one, in the best place in town is ashamed to have an autistic extraordinary being at their site. Yet, in the family hotel where they moved to, feel like a million dollars and give it 100 stars in scale of 1 to 5. In this new hotel which I have called home for the last couple of weeks. It has been way beyond great! Total strangers have been incredible, understanding, wonderful helpers which make all those who pass by their doors feel so welcome, so well. A place that respects all with dignity and pride. Who feed one, aid one, make one feel not just home, but extraordinarily cared for. Now, that is something to celebrate about.

I have met strangers who have trusted me like my contractor and all his people who without funds practically have performed miracles in my house in order to meet the insurer’s timing to return. They have had the patience to wait for the held fund, but yet have done an extraordinary job. For the ladies, who have seen our lives from the inside out who were the first ones in to pave the way for all to work, and now are getting ready to pave the way back to our return.

To all those, who at the insurer have made it all possible… my infinite gratitude.

To the ones who I feel have helped me keep my sanity and strength, wisdom and hope, who are with me always guiding inspiring and giving me the answers to the deepest of questions, my guardian angels, my many spirit guides specially Santiago Mayor, and the Divine I am Presence of the Infinity within which we call God, the Lord, the Highest, some Jesus, some Buda, some Mohamed, some Brahma, Kwan Yin, St. Michael the Archangel, St Raphael the Archangel, and many others.

I truly feel that many times, because of my spiritual and guidance work, I end up in the midst of incredible chaos which results from my direct intervention in various situations or in order to protect those whom I love dearly, or my clients, or even total strangers and situations. A lot of times, extraordinary energies can come together and bring together explosions of change and creating real problems. They can arise from envy, bad thoughts, feelings, and wishes for others. Yet, if one has great faith, protection from the Divine, and inner strength/believe in the power within to transmute even the worst, then things that can be way worse can change into real blessings no matter the external perception of them. This is definitely one of them.

Many times God writes in broken or moving lines, but in golden letters, for which we can truly learn from if we choose to do so. Life throws at us many different issues, challenges, trials and it is really up to us to loose our minds, go down into the depths of despair or rise triumphantly through it all.

All my blessings to all,

Rev. Barbara Soliman

PS. Later this week I will post the recognition for all those people and companies that have shared this incredible journey.