Godspeed Pathways to Success!

Godspeed Pathways to Success!
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Break Away the Chains That Hold You Down! DECIDE TO LIVE AND THRIVE, YES YOU CAN, YES YOU WILL!

Have you ever being so tired, fed up, and upset that you felt like quitting all? Have you ever had no money to pay anything and had a large family to feed?

Have you ever had so many responsibilities that you thought you could not handle them all? Had your mind ever failed in the fact that you started forgetting things, feeling so tired and worn out that you had no strength to go on?

I feel that lately most everyone has had major challenges in their lives. I strongly feel that in this accelerated times in which time has sped up to incredible levels, mankind is reacting in many negative ways thus creating a downward spiral. We all know of a place of work where someone is being abused, ignored, not given the chances they deserve, and worse yet have gotten fired, not for a less than satisfactory performance, but for a selfish, ego, or otherwise related issue.

It is my strongest concern that if we do not take immediate action, we will be really consumed by this dark cloud and to me that is the real end, not the ones announced where for sensationalism they say “the world is about to end.” What a negative connotation!

It is time my dear friends to take over! To get along better, to think better of our present, future, and to learn from our past experiences to allow us to develop in all areas of our lives.

We can no matter the circumstances, if we decide to get our lives back in control. We can by stopping, yes stopping and taking a clear inventory of what is going on. Take a true assessment of the situation. Detach yourself from outcome or circumstance. Place yourself in a movie theater and be the director of the film that is your life. You will be in charge of actually moving the film backward or forward as to get a better view or perspective of it all. See where patterns are re-developing, where you can be making the same mistake over and over, where you feel real good, note those issues in which you excel. Yes, where you excel! We always concentrate in the negative aspects of issues, and that brings us down. It brings on to a lower level of vibrational state, where we can only see the dark side.

Well, it is time to allow ourselves to live again.
If it is money, see what hobby you have that at the same time of enjoying it, you can make money from. If it is relationship based, analyse the pros and cons.

Better yet, in all situations make yourself a list of the good and the not so good. Then prioritize the good side on the top ten items that can help you thrive again, make you feel good about, give you an opportunity to make the funds you need. On the good side place all your feelings that lift you, your faith, your good relations, your best sides at work, your hobbies, your friends, your resources. On the bad side place all that bothers, hurts, stops, blocks, those who are being nasty to you, issues that do not allow you to grow at work, home, school or a relationship. Once you actually get to see the list a shift will happen in your mind. You will feel more in control and will be able to start to see where and how you can make a change.


You can be creative, you can leave that bad relationship, you can make money out of the hobby laying in the attic, you can be happy again, you can enhance your work by learning something new to feel good about.
You can speak out to your boss and tell them that you intend to take a class, improve on your performance, would love for them to coach you, let them see your positive intention.

Now on your mind, that is where the true and tried rebirth begins. Allow yourself to cut away the strings that attach you to the bad memories, to dump the heavy stones in the backpack that weigh you down. Decide to look at the past and learn, look at your present and future to decide who you are, who you will be from this moment forward!
Ahhh, it feels so good to know that you are in control.

There is so much more that you can learn with a good coach, so much to acquire with interactive classes and workshops directly related to your thriving and moving forth.

At Godspeed, I offer you the freedom to be in control, the tools to thrive in your life, and the support to hold your hand in the process. Go for it my friend, Namaste!

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