Godspeed Pathways to Success!

Godspeed Pathways to Success!
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 Days of Growth and Empowerment

Day One
Dare to BE HAPPY

Yes, I Dare You To Experience Joy and Happiness in YOUR LIFE!

Why? We have been taught to be subconsciously ashamed or doubtful of feeling great excitement and happiness. We were many times told we had to suffer, be poor, and feel pain to gain heaven, gain freedom to our soul, or simply be a better person. In addition, we are faced with a daunting amount of daily issues, unsurmountable losses of very dear ones, challenges of all types that bombard our existence with sabotage to lead us away from living a great joyful life.


YOU deserve all the joy, happiness, richness at all levels (which does include financial freedom), the experience of great love and passion, be it a partner, a pet, project, your family and friends, a hobby, or whatever sparks that energy release when you REALLY LOVE!

Make it your goal today to no matter what life throws at you, YOU will triumph over it. No matter if you are short in money for whatever mortgage, gas, payment, etc. Ask YOUR ANGELS, whichever way you reach out to the Divine for guidance, resolution, with great joy and gratitude for a most positive benevolent outcome now! Believe me it works, let the magic of faith work for you!

No matter if someone is making your life a yogurt, send them lots of unconditional love to the spark of life in their hearts that you both share. Stop the ongoing revolution of paying them back with the same. Maybe, just maybe, it's a call for help or attention, they are having serious issues and do not know how to handle them, or simply they forgot to LIVE! Start giving an inmense amount of love, gratitude and joy to those around you, in other words, give them NOW your best, so when they part to their transition or otherwise, you may hurt, but still will be able to rejoice the times spent together. In other words, give love and joy freely and abundantly, even to strangers.

OK, get a watch, clock, your phone and CONSCIOUSLY LOOK AT IT FOR 15 seconds.

What just happened? It seemed very long ah? Well, how about if you realize YOU CANNOT BRING THAT TIME BACK! THAT, THAT IS YOUR LIFE ESCAPING YOUR HANDS!
You have the power of great choices. CHOOSE TODAY TO EXPERIENCE JOY, NO MATTER WHAT!

Choose to change the context or your perception of any challenging situation today or anytime.

I can assure that, this small step will carry on by leaps and bound with blessing in your life. I am sure you have experienced the great power of a "simple true smile." What goes around, comes back ten fold, we have been told, and it is TRUE! If we make it a habit of actually being happy, even if we force ourselves to smile and feel it at first, for 5 minutes, then 10, then 15, up to 30 minutes, you would have reached a huge milestone in your life. The reason for this is that we are creatures of habit, and if we create the habit of joy, it will become a true and integral part of us. It really spreads like wildfire, it cleanses our auric, physical, emotional, spiritual bodies. Not to mention that it fills our physical space from home, the office, where you are buying your groceries, everywhere that your energy passes by and touches others it will make a difference.

Choose to seek out good, joy, light, lessons, and finally the best in all!


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Rev. Barby Soliman