Godspeed Pathways to Success!

Godspeed Pathways to Success!
This very sacred, yet highly dynamic & professional space shifts your energy, validates your core essence and helps you realize your deepest dreams & convictions are possible!Intense Work With Angels, Aura/Chakra Reading, Mystic Parties, Exploring the World of Metaphysics & the Mind, Women Connected Groups, Drumming/Tuning Bowls and Chanting Empowernment ... Inspiration, motivation and shift in contextual values to fuel your subsconscious into action. It does not judge, it creates... I can give you the tools & momentum to thrive through your journey & celebrate each step of your way there. Use these teachings to inspire you to TRIUMPH! Go for it & Carpe Diem! Namaste!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

.... A little tiny seed: "Uncharted road to magnificience!"

...then it became an oak tree... Japanese Tanka: "The oak tree stands noble in cherry blossom time" .... the small seed or acorn took upon its then apparent difficult task ahead full on, thrived against all odds and triumphed into magnificience! An Aha! Moment Courtesy of www.godspeed-network.com Namaste!

Photo credit: Susan Abrams Milligan

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Action Packed Magic of My Gratitude Vision Board!

I am thrilled to have partaken in the very successful CERTIFIED VISION BOARD COACH TRAINING PROGRAM as part of my never ending strive to continuously acquire up to date, effective and action driven knowledge to share with my expansive clientele, friends and family.

It was an excellent opportunity not just to learn an advanced usage of the vision board, but to acquire extremely useful tools for improving the life of those I serve in my professional career. It has also helped to highly impact my life in reaching real and accessible goals. KUDOS to its creator and teacher, world renowned author Joyce Schwarz for a great undertaking and a lifetime of helping others achieve their dreams! I am already placing what I learned from you in a very successful action plan! Infinite Gratitude!

Magical Grace of My Gratitude Board

This is my Gratitude Board. It is the dedicated result of putting my lessons from the CERTIFIED VISION BOARD COACH TRAINING PROGRAM into full active gear.

This Gratitude Board is filled with metaphoric symbolism, sacred geometry and personal meaning to help me achieve my current dream. I am in the center with arms open wide to the divine presence within and all that there is in the universe. I am forming a large V which is the sacred feminine symbol, also it is an open cup for receiving all of the grace and abundant gifts that I, regardless the circumstance or human appearance, am open to receive.

There is a great rejoice and pride in my claiming the best for my center: Godspeed: Believe, Achieve, Enjoy & Succeed! The V further opens to the financial prosperity and abundant riches of all kinds, represented by the lady in awe and expectancy. She is open and gratefully accepting the abundant rain of prosperity and richness coming to her.

The Board is further supported by a ring of enlightened beings, both human and non-human who offer guidance, love and nurturing. The cup opens to my main blog and my center as I desire, claim, and envision with all my heart to manifest again. I top it off with an auditorium filled with persons who are there by free will, who find the right message for the best outcome for them. They gladly refer me to others, who together come back again and again to further expand their consciousness and enhance their life experience at the highest level.

The board is surrounded by an oil painting of myself, which is a board into itself. It is the loving work of world renowned artist Carlos Augusto Pereira. It is flanked on the other side by Michael the Archangel, who is one of my great guides. Additionally, it shows the representation of this class in Joyce’s Binder, the continued support of the following of a great audience. The golden egg of opportunity and sustained abundant thoughts.

The words SUCCEED and STRENGTH form a supporting backdrop, along with the rocks of the Coral Castle, show a wall of force, power and might. This wall is to further help in the growth process of not only achieving my goals, but surpassing and succeeding regardless the challenges that I may face. The butterfly signifies the triumphant evolution that I continually go through to improve, achieve, conquer the trials of our everyday day experience and thrive in its lesson no matter the difficulty confronted.

Finally, the finger touching the stars shows how with perseverance and never ending belief you can achieve it all regardless the human conditions that you may be confronting at whatever time in your life.

Go ahead, dare to go for your highest dreams, the sky is your only ceiling!

Rev. Barbara Soliman, M.C.H.T., C.S.M.C., R.M.T. www.godspeed-network.com revbarbarasoliman@gmail.com http://barbarasoliman.blogspot.com/