Godspeed Pathways to Success!

Godspeed Pathways to Success!
This very sacred, yet highly dynamic & professional space shifts your energy, validates your core essence and helps you realize your deepest dreams & convictions are possible!Intense Work With Angels, Aura/Chakra Reading, Mystic Parties, Exploring the World of Metaphysics & the Mind, Women Connected Groups, Drumming/Tuning Bowls and Chanting Empowernment ... Inspiration, motivation and shift in contextual values to fuel your subsconscious into action. It does not judge, it creates... I can give you the tools & momentum to thrive through your journey & celebrate each step of your way there. Use these teachings to inspire you to TRIUMPH! Go for it & Carpe Diem! Namaste!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Allow yourself to live, yes truly experience your life!

"I AM not striving for perfection,
just loving excellence will do."

- RevBarbySoliman.guru

I just had this idea... What if today we all decided that even while trying an egg, washing dishes, driving to and from work, at work, with the kids, your partner, friends, parents, friends, co-workers (even the ones you do not like), with total strangers, at the coffee shop, buying stuff, taking a shower, walking the dog outside, sharing with someone, cooking.... anything, we did it with our total attention to it, our full intention to do it with loving excellence?

What amazing change would we experience in our life, even so, what impact would it create as it spread like wildfire from one to another?

We go by life, not living it. We just glide through it, not existing and truly enjoying it at it's fullest. Then we look back and time has passed, we are older, the kids are adults, our parents no longer with us and so on. So let us make a conscious effort while changing our perception  and placing true value on the real important issues in LIVING, BEING, LOVING. ENJOYING EVEN THE SMALLEST OF TREASURED MOMENTS IN THIS WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE

Try it and share in the comments how you felt?


Yes! Godspeed is open and at your service to help you thrive at all levels & regardless it all!

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