Godspeed Pathways to Success!

Godspeed Pathways to Success!
This very sacred, yet highly dynamic & professional space shifts your energy, validates your core essence and helps you realize your deepest dreams & convictions are possible!Intense Work With Angels, Aura/Chakra Reading, Mystic Parties, Exploring the World of Metaphysics & the Mind, Women Connected Groups, Drumming/Tuning Bowls and Chanting Empowernment ... Inspiration, motivation and shift in contextual values to fuel your subsconscious into action. It does not judge, it creates... I can give you the tools & momentum to thrive through your journey & celebrate each step of your way there. Use these teachings to inspire you to TRIUMPH! Go for it & Carpe Diem! Namaste!

Monday, July 29, 2013


Imagine the courage...

Imagine the courage it takes to:

... take a chance at a job in which you have to practically move mountains to make it succeed, yet you consider deciding to risk it, give it your best regardless the huge goals which one knows what monumental tasks they are to achieve

..... be so sure as to regardless the circumstances, you accept the chance and give yourself the word of indisruptible honor to make it triumph

.... to offer yourself unconditionally because its not just your honor, but the chance to beat the bare survival of your family

.... to see your most loved treasure, your mom, waste away knowing the seconds are counted, she will not be there too long and yet you have to be a miracle worker to find the funds to pay for her very special needs and you are currently risking the basic needs being cut, the house foreclosed and there is hardly food on the fridge. yet she has what she needs for her healing

.... to responsibly care for her and your other special ones, and yet know that regardless where you have to work from, historically you have proven that you give it your best, and are there for work, its responsibilities and all others who come to you for a word of encouragement, in an authentic example of human's quest for the best they can be

.... you are greatly honored for the opportunity of growth, the chance to prove your worth at your current age, that yes it can be done.... ahhh to finally reach the basic security it takes to maintain a family of six with very special needs all on your own

.... you live believing in miracles, expecting always the best, being there for all with words and deeds of great true hope, wisdom and the greatest of faiths

.... to believe so deeply in the divine and its power within that you know from the heart and soul that regardless the apparent chaos, the sun is always behind the darkest clouds, that you will survive, thrive and succeed, with one extraordinary story and example to share

.... Yes, courage sits in the infinite power to live against all odds, hold life itself with great reverence and know that time heals, teaches and wholly manifests the grandness of your own magnificent self!


Will it happen I do not know, what I am sure if is that the divinity manifests for the highest good, divine coincidences happen for the cummunal best developments and that what is rightfully yours manifests against all the odds!

- rev barby soliman
july 29, 2013