Godspeed Pathways to Success!

Godspeed Pathways to Success!
This very sacred, yet highly dynamic & professional space shifts your energy, validates your core essence and helps you realize your deepest dreams & convictions are possible!Intense Work With Angels, Aura/Chakra Reading, Mystic Parties, Exploring the World of Metaphysics & the Mind, Women Connected Groups, Drumming/Tuning Bowls and Chanting Empowernment ... Inspiration, motivation and shift in contextual values to fuel your subsconscious into action. It does not judge, it creates... I can give you the tools & momentum to thrive through your journey & celebrate each step of your way there. Use these teachings to inspire you to TRIUMPH! Go for it & Carpe Diem! Namaste!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Spring 2017, A Renewed Opportunity to Make Our Goals and Dreams True Realities!

​By Rev. Barby Soliman


2017 Spring Equinox and New Natural Year, Perfect Opportunity to Make Your Goals & Dreams A True Reality

Photo by Rev. Barby Soliman

What an excitement! It is a year filled with surprises, possibilities, of starting a-new, of setting new goals and aspirations, of re-doing our blueprint for action, of our reactions, of new dreams, of breaking old patterns.

What is holding you back from achieving your dreams and goals? We have the perfect opportunity as we approach 2017 Spring Equinox on March 20th. The real beginning of the year, in nature's rhythmic timings.

Ask yourself, make a true review of last year’s lessons and see the patterns, what is repeating itself, what keeps on coming back to “teach/haunt” you over and over again. Make a real assessment of your “real “ hopes, wishes, goals and make it a statement and contract with yourself to really give the gift of re-inventing, re-launching a new you. A stronger, more resilient, more assured, more self-reliant new you. The person, who you look at in the mirror is a truly unique soul, no one else is here like you. What then, is keeping from making that true you happy? You do not have to wait until…you loose weight, get the new car, have the money to cover it all, get the new job, go back to school, the kids go to school or college, get married, get divorced, and so on and on and on….

Start NOW! You are definitely capable of achieving that which you aspire. You can be happy, no matter the circumstances. No matter what goes or not goes on at home, work, with your relationships or lack of, with your financial status, your looks, education. No matter your frustrations, those things or people who try to hurt you, the lack of money, the shortcomings of your own or others, you can be hopeful and find joy in your life.

It only takes YOUR CHOICE TO WANT TO BE IT. To not allow anything or anyone dictate your feelings about anything and that includes yourself. You can choose to have joy back in your life. Make a survey of the good things in your life. Make a list of the good, the bad. Then look at the bad list and break it down on what you can do to change that issue to the better, and most important what lesson did it bring you or what is the good of it. There is always something good even in the worst of situations. You will be surprised to find how many more things you have to be grateful for and how much those things that you thought were awful turn into blessings after all.

NOW, talking about BLESSINGS, make a list of grateful things deriving from the previous ones and BLESS, BLESS, BLESS THEM ALL! When we do not hate, envy, and send Blessings even to those or that which hurts us, all of the sudden miracles start happening and the good starts replacing the bad, the nice things start to multiply, you start to see things you did not notice before which bring you JOY, so much light and laughter comes to your life. And yes, that which made you cry now is a reason for joyful recollection.

Lets now look at 2017, yes, 2017 and beyond. What can you do to really make it the best year ever, one that marks the before and after in your existence. One that you can really feel a difference in the air. 

Tips for a great 2017!

* Start a brand new Journal. Divide it into sections, you can use your computer, if you are computer savvy and spend a lot of time in front of one. If not, then get a manageable sized binder, usually one that is half a regular sheet is a great one. You can buy it, the dividers, the pages, the mid dividers that include space for your special memories, and the garnishing to beautify it, to make I truly yours and unique. I suggest that you have a Dream/Wishes Section, a Prayer Request Section, a My Life Entry Section, a Gratitude Section, a My Blueprint to Success section, and any other special issue which you may want to keep special tracking of. It could be relationship, special project, child, parent, even plant or hobby section. Each of these sections will guide you and will, as time goes by the opportunity to see the development of trends, of how much you have to be grateful for, on new ways to see your challenges, and your ways to solve them, on those that repeat themselves, and how to solve them. You will be able to see your REAL life in front of your eyes. You will see your progress as you develop your own Blueprint to Success, in which you will put your plans into real action.

Make it a habit to enter, even trivial things, they too are important!

Keep special items that you pick up during your walks, outings, even ones that you discover in your daily life that mean something to you.

* Make it a Point to LIVE. Yes, it is 2017, can you believe it? Well, if we look at the calendar, we are passed our thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, even our eighties. Where did life go?

Our children grow, we get older, our friends start dying, our families start passing on as also, Well, what have we done with our lives? Have we lived to the fullest within our desires? Can we feel we have accomplished something worthwhile? Have we used the good china for a normal dinner, the best perfume for tending our garden, the really good dress, which is waiting for a special occasion, to a normal dinner with our loved ones or just by our self? 

This is the time to start. YES! Get those good dresses, perfume, fancy dishes, sit on the good old couch reserved for visits, wear those beautiful patent leather shoes that could not get scratched or bent, let the kids play with your books, wear good jewelry or the one you thought you were too old, young, or was too flashy for you to wear. IN OTHER WORDS START LIVING!

Start to notice your home and its true beauty, start to notice your own beauty, not matter how heavy, old, wrinkled, or ugly looking you may think or perceive you are. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YES, YES, YES!!! Every pound is a joyous time enjoyed, every wrinkle means experience, that age means substance, and yes remember the ugly duckling, was really a startling and magnificent swan.

Appreciate the small things in life, from coffee and tea for just “me” or with a good friend, to a movie or play you have been meaning to see, to the dress you thought you could never wear (until you tried it and realized it looked better, much better than you even dreamed of).

Have a romance with your loved one. YES, age has nothing to do with emotions, it actually gives you freedom to have emotions.

Travel if you can, even on your own city, there are an infinite number of things and places to be discovered and enjoyed as a tourist.

Discover the incredible signs and symbols all around you. Allow yourself to experience the awe and wonder of the eyes of a child, not matter your age. The clouds, the trees, the sea, the ground, the paper or leaves on the street or park, the dots left by the rain or morning dew on your windshield, they all have shapes and forms. Many times it is the birds, butterflies, and other little ones, sometimes it is a song or a street sign that has the message. Our Angels have incredible ways of contacting us. Our life has incredible ways of displaying its beauty to us. The Divine has a very direct way of contacting us, yet, we are blind. Wake up earlier to see the dawns you have been missing all these years. Go outside at night and see the wonders of the dark, its smells, the sounds, its silence later on. Let the wind rustle through your hair, send messages of love, hope and good wishes to someone far away or to the universe on your behalf. Get your feet and hands to experience the earth, go barefoot, plant something, feel the earth beneath your feet and honor it. Go to the beach and oh yes, do wear the bathing suit, You may be round, but you are sure of yourself.

Go try out something new, a dance, a massage, a new route home or to work. Break your routine and see what you discover. Try a new cuisine, tantalize your senses.

Oh, and do not forget to write your feeling, findings, and achievements in your journal.

* Decide to stand up for yourself. YES! Ask for the refund, state your stand kindly, justly, truly and with respect to others. Dare to speak to your boss, ask for the better position, challenging job, or a new opportunity. Allow yourself to grow professionally no matter your age. Maybe, you can sell your artwork, your knitting, your baking, your scrapbook creations.

You are worth it! You are truly unique, there is no one other YOU! Remember, life is all perception, you will find those who like you, those who love you, those who no matter what you do to them to make them at least like you, will not. LOVE YOURSELF FIRST, then love everyone else. This is not being selfish, it is being real. If you do not feel proud of yourself, honor the temple of the Divine that your body is, the miraculous housing for your soul, the greatness of your mind, conscious, sub-conscious, and super-conscious, all of your grandiosity, then who will. So then, PUT YOURSELF FIRST, we usually put everyone ahead of us, our children, parents, lover, pets, everyone. Then, we feel neglected, because we have given too much and are expecting the same from all. Well, it is not the case. When you place yourself first, you are giving the best service and giving the best of yourself to every one else. They will experience a more assured, relaxed, appreciative, younger looking, self-respecting reliant individual who can truly care and love them too!

* Discover the sacredness of the Divine Timings that help us thrive at the most auspicious times as we make from the smallest to the highest level of our free-will decisions.

* Learn to shift your perceptions of everything. So many times, in the worst of situations if we shift the perspective of the situation, our thoughts, detach emotionally from it, and look at it from outside our own bubble, one can understand and solve anything much better. So many times, we are hurt, disheartened, unfairly treated, undermined, lowered our self-esteem that we cannot see clearly, even more respond effectively. So by shifting our perception of it, we can easier see all angles of the issue. Thus, be above it all and succeed in its solving.....

* Have a consciously abundant mentality. Richness and wealth are everywhere. Just look at your own body, it renews itself on its own every so often, it grows, re-grows, and is the most miraculous item in nature. Speaking about nature, see how the birds have abundant food, even if it has to fly away from home to get it, like in winter. The grass grows everywhere, and life exists and survives in the most unexpected places on its own. It trusts the cycles of mother nature to be abundant on its

We too, can adjust ourselves to feel abundant. Richness does not only come from monetary gain. Of course, we all want to be self sufficient to be able to cover all our needs, wants, debts, and desires. We want to obtain peace of mind of having not just our basics.... 

You too can have the best of 2010, make it your true intention to LIVE truly LIVE your life to its fullest potential!....

Copyright © 2017 Rev. Barbara Soliman


Blessed, Blessed Be, Women carry the weight of the world in her shoulders, she in all species is the closest to the Divinity that exists....


Today on our day... What is a Woman: she is art form in her magic being, sacred spirituality in birth, strength, might, wisdom, and joy...

...She is love without boundaries, there without time, space, or tiring... She is protection, a never ending resource for all in her path...

…She is the true tree of creation that offers her gentle, yet mighty shadow to nurture all within her reach...Powerful, trustworthy, serene…

…A mother, sister, wife, friend, lover...One that does not mind caring for one another...She is guidance, patience, faith, & illumination...

…A dreamer, a doer, a businesswoman, a mother, a grandmother, aunt, wise elder woman, the compass that guides the routes & rites of living..

…She is richness, abundance, a true creative resource & deliverate creator of the best for those under her wings...No matter the circumstance…

Oh yes, even beyond extraordinary limitations, struggles & heartaches...She bends like bamboo, shines like a star, & winkles her eye...

…Tells the storm, I am here, I will, no, I survive, I triumph regardless your limitations, pains, & sorrow. Because I am a WOMAN, I am Divine…

…With all my love, respect, & honor to my dearest sisters in all corners of this planet, spiritual planes, & other places in the universe...

Let us be Proud, Honored & Great. Praise the Divine that gave us the gift of being WOMEN in this crossing of time & space... Namaste to All!

Copyright Rev. B. Soliman 2010

Posted by Rev Barbara Soliman at 3/08/2010 05:04:00 PM

Proud to be a woman of courage... A being of infinite love...

Proud to be a woman of courage... A being of infinite love... By Rev Barby Soliman March 2017 Honoring our day ... a woman, a mother, the mightiest being on earth in all of her species... offers her body, the sacredness of her womb, mind and soul as her ultimate sacrifice to bring forth life at all levels... endures extreme pain to gain the huge treasure and honor of becoming a mother, life giver, nurturer as no other.... rare, very rare is the female of a species that does not sacrifices nobly for her children.... no matter how old, rich nor poor, good or bad she will not desert them no matter what... an amazing being which in sickness, offers her incessant care and unbewildered love, offering her life for that of her children... no matter what she is there from near or far, praying, making offerings, as that neverending guiding light and ray of sunshine for her loved ones.... blessed be, blessed be the grand honor of being a woman, daughther, wife, sister, friend,  lover and beyond it all, a mother! namaste! Courtesy www.revbarbysoliman.guru

Monday, March 6, 2017


By popular request and for the first time ever, I am sharing with you a very important tool for me.

My Divine Timings, everyone that knows me, is my client, friend, family, etc knows that I truly follow this calendar, I encourage you to do so too!

It shows the void of course moons in red, which are days to avoid important deals, issues, negotiations, forecasts and anything important.
You will see the start and ending hours.

In green, you will see the prevailing aspect for the day. Also, the new/full moons, change in time and Spring Equinox dates.

Tomorrow I will announce how you too can learn how to best utilize the Divine Timings and so much more.

Send me your email if interested to revbarbarasoliman@gmail.com


Courtesy of www.revbarbysoliman.guru