Godspeed Pathways to Success!

Godspeed Pathways to Success!
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Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Power of Your Subsconcious Mind: Superb Tool For Controlling Stress

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Presented by
Rev. Barbara Soliman, MCHT, CSMC, RMT
Godspeed Pathways to Success!

For the Westchester, Medley and Sweetwater Chambers of Commerce
September 27th, 2017

The Power of Your Subsconcious Mind:      Superb Tool For Controlling Stress

Life is so much More than meet the eye.
By expanding your perspective, you open to a whole new world of possibilities. 

What do you see around you?

We are surrounded by a myriad of unseen vibrations, energies, the range of the light spectrum blind to the human eyes, all kinds of radio/TV wavelengths and emanations from all the devices we use and their connective mechanisms.

Ah, but usually there is a huge piece that is totally ignored, that is the living field of energies that both the living, interdimensional and our own concious/subconscious/superconscious minds surround every living organism as it vibrates through it's daily existence. 
In other words, everything.

We exist in energetic bubbles that constantly are interacting at a wide variety of levels.

The mind is not confined to the actual human brain. It surrounds our human body creating the various levels of our body.  Some of these are our mental, spiritual, auric bodies.  As also we have energy centers known as Chakras and the meridians as the vessels that feed our meridians at an energetic level.  These are just to name a few.

We are energy.  Our energy and its states affect all and everything around us.  From other persons who we interact with in our daily lives to total strangers and situations.  How many times we meet a person or go to a place and we either like it or them or simply reject it for no reason.  Most of if is simple energetic compatibility.

Nothing is solid, we vibrate at faster or slower rates making us more or less solid.
Our thoughts, words and feelings influence all around us as well.  Including water plants everyone and everything. Yes even our planet at global levels.

We have true control of our bodies and how we react to external as well internal stimuli.  We may not be able to change a situation at the any given moment, but we can most certainly be in control over our reactions and contextual value of them.  It can make a huge difference over how we can or not stress over something.

This is not religious, simply natural laws of existence.

Conscious vs subconscious vs super conscious mind. 
Where is it? They all exist all around and within us at a inter dimensional level.

The conscious is our awakened, reasoning, judging, at many times ego related version if our mind. 

The subconscious is the non judgmental, underground mechanism that makes both our physical ad well as our non physical bodies work automatically.  It responds to our input at all levels and can manifest anything almost miraculously, since it is part of a multi dimensional universal consciousness we which gas no time nor space braking all physical laws and restrictions. 

The super conscious mind is our deepest connection to the divinity on all and every level. It us all encompassing, everlasting connection to our soul.

In my life experience I have had and choose to live totally connected to this unseing part of our existence.  Thus, have had a vast number of highly extraordinary manifestations of its mighty possibilities.
Stress management is as simple as smart living choices.

Give time to your self, say no, love yourself in capital letters. It makes a difference in the reactions of your subconscious mind and the outcome your mind plant in it as seeds.

The subconscious mind is a manager or a genie within to whom you can trust your most important projects. One who performs without questioning,  judging or most importantly analyzing.

Our conscious mind is that part of ourselves which analyses, thinks, doubts. By bypassing its limitations you can achieve anything, specially stress and all that triggers it.  You gain control of your life.
Create a circle of help, it is OK to seek aid, yes help professionally with a psychologist, coach, therapist, clergy, other men/women of your same style tastes issues.

Allow imperfection in your life,  see your weight, body, work relationships, financial issues, religious and other issues as opportunities to grow, evolve.  Be uniquely you.  Love and truly accept yourself.  Be proud of your differences and of that which you can offer and be.

Do not compare yourself to others.  It is a great source of stress.  Be happy with who you are, your roots, your accents (you are not defined by them nor your color, country of birth, religion, or sexusl orientation.

See issues in a different contextual value and perspective or perception. This allows you to see and observe issues from a wider, higher scope of view thus minimizing their possible outcome and bring forth positive and creative solutions.

Common sense ways to control stress

We are far more powerful than we believe.
There are many ways to trigger positive responses from our subconscious mind regardless the situation.  For example road rage, by having a trigger to instill a deflating response to it in your car in a highly visible place you are reminded to respond positively not react and become part of the same vibrational rate. When we become part if a lower vibrstionsl state we cannot find a solution or grow/thrive from it.  We must raise our thought process to a higher vibration or energetic state t o be able yo control our response vs reaction to any given situation or issue.

Sacred or uniquely yours only area to trigger peaceful feelings at work, car, home, your wallet, purse... Anywhere!

Use colors to trigger different responses white green yellow blue green purple.
Elastic Band snap with each negative though, self degrading talk or projection about yourself or when you feel stress creeping up or anger rising.

Tighten and release muscles consciously after previously programming your relaxed state during a depp meditative state.
Learn to meditate, self hypnosis and other methods of deep relaxation.

Fast relaxation techniques can be programmed at the sub conscious level to help you reach a totally controlled response to any situation. Program your subsconcious mind to consciously recall a state in which you placed your self in by creating a safe space in your mind where you can always evoque and bring forth feelings of peace., tranquility, joy etc. This is achieved via hypnotherapy and simply programming for any issue.

Visualization,  application of the law of attraction, yes even for stress. 
We are what and who we think.  When in a highly demanding situation, a person can bring out super human physical or emotional strength, wisdom and/or other survival mechanism which the person would have never expected to have.
Journaling can be a wonderful output for programming and reaching our goals.
Vision boarding with intention.

Positive reinforcers and affirmations on bathroom mirror. Next to your bed to be the last thing you see before you go to sleep.
Using interactive screen savers in your computer, telephone and other electronic devices. You can always utilize the old faithful post it notes, motivations photos and quotes on your refrigerator.

Deliberate intention and awareness on all we do, speak, think.

Per Esther and Gerry Hicks, 17 seconds to set change in our brain.

Yoga and bagua or placement of tongue on roof of mouth.

Emotional freedom technique  tapping into n various meridian points to help release stuck energies.

There are an endless amount of techniques to use.

All affect our subconscious mind and yet we do not realize the extraordinary impact they have in our existence

Be aware very aware of your words, thoughts and reactions.  You do have control, yes absolute control of your life.

Paint your life with the colors of hope, peace, opportunity and joy.  It is your choice!

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