Godspeed Pathways to Success!

Godspeed Pathways to Success!
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Unique, Different, One of Kind: YOU!

Each of the existing living organisms on this planet is solely unique in their buildup, look, performance, projection, emotions, and total being. No matter the different species, they each have their own unique projection of themselves. Every living organism has a mind and extraordinary way of showing the rest of us their creative side in its own survival. This magnificent man of war was swimming swiftly amongst the beautiful smooth waters of Biscayne Bay on a lazy Sunday morning. It caught my eye, as I was searching to photograph other wonderful creatures that grace us each weekend with their presence. There are manatees, sharks, dolphins, pelicans, and a myriad of birds which give those of us lucky enough to be present and enjoy their natural show.

This extraordinary creature seemed to change its shape as I greeted him. I felt a masculine presence, which was acknowledging me as it greeted me back. This little friend showed me a proud perception as it moved smoothly over the clear waters of the bay. I felt such a humbleness and gratitude to the Divine for allowing me to experience such a feeling of awe. The man of war displayed its best colors as it changed its shape, moving along the gentle waves. He showed versatility as he swerved the next wave. He displayed ingenuity as he moved side to side against the current. He gleamed in the sun as he changed shape in front of my eyes, showing me how creative its forms were as he approached the next movement of the sea. There was so much more than met the eye below the sea surface. There were so many tentacles and other loose extremities to allow this wonderful being to swim. The hidden portion of his body, gave him strength and power to move great distances, to escape from predators, to help him reach his destination. There was so much to this man of war and his display of heroism as he battled the immense waters of the sea in which he swam in. I wondered where he was leading to, I wondered if he knew.

We are very similar to this beautiful creature, unique in our own ways of survival. We too have versatility as we approach the challenges that face on a daily basis, whether in our personal, emotional, professional, spiritual lives. We too are multi facetted and display ingenuity as we deal with issues that may not be to our best liking, yet, we choose to deal with them in a “face up to them” perspective. As humans, we are also beautiful in our own skin color, shape, form, and ways. We are creative in our lives filling them with Joy, Laughter, new endeavors, love; we beautify our surroundings wherever we might be at.

We also have so much hidden from the general view, we have a deeply embedded free will and mind of our own that allows us to roam far and wide from the inside out. We have a subconscious mind which governs all of our essential living processes within our own bodies. How extraordinary to share so much with this wonderful man of war.

We too do not know where we are going, but it is in the journey that we live our life. It is in the journey that we grow and develop, it is through it that we experience the Divine’s greatest gift to us. LIFE!

Celebrate your uniqueness, your inventiveness, your greatness, your difference, your gifts, your journey, your living, your joy!