Godspeed Pathways to Success!

Godspeed Pathways to Success!
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Friday, March 19, 2010


Spring will bring us a "real" new year with new impetus, renewal and a burst of energy to move and shake us from the last three to four months of lethargy. By all means I say, that we have not been extremely busy, exhausted, and yet, upset for not moving forth, I mean a lethargy of our spirit, our new year resolutions, our business dreams, our goals and objectives set off by our most intimate desires.

Now, with Mars on direct since the 10th of this month, the Spring Equinox happening tomorrow as our renowned Aries charges off the year, you bet change will happen. I know the teacher Saturn is in Libra the balance, and it will teach us great lessons this year, but it is our choice to take action NOW!

Just as this wonderful creature stands proud as it gets to renew his skin, so can we! See and feel his extraordinary pride in his intelligent eyes. See his shiny newly renewed skin. It's color and magnificence, as he stands tall and strong.

What do you see in him that power and might in his grip? He captured my soul as we, for a moment in time and space, shared eternity in our locked eyes. We both revered our mutual presence, giving each other the gift of acknowledgement.

What feelings do my description of this communion of the species bring to you?

What significance can it bring to your life as we approach this Spring and it's opportunity for re-birth and renewal?

How can you benefit from the metaphor of this magic encounter?

I ask that you share your thoughts with me.

... As I share mine with you now...

To me he meant that in the most amazing of places, right by US1 off of 67th avenue in a small South Miami park, I found an incredible creature who made an impact on my perspective in life. Yes, he stood royally, in the midst of fallen leaves, shedding his skin as he renewed and reinvented himself. He looked straight at my eyes while holding his look, we bonded. Yes, again, this extraordinary creature was challenging me, a human, as telling me “I am special, unique, and I AM here and ALIVE. I am strong, resilient, self sufficient, and beautiful.” He in his unique environment, was KING. He seemed to be in control, even after my intrusion to his paradise. Even after my taking photographs of him, which he seemed to enjoy and basque in his glory. He seemed to enjoy my attention to him, the importance that he was receiving. He understood my amazement.

How was this to me. I AM like him. No matter the environment, circumstance, trial, difficulty, IT IS MY CHOICE TO STAND TALL, FIRM, AND IN CONTROL… I too, realize and PERCEIVE my need to CHANGE, RENEW, REVIVE, and become ALIVE AGAIN! I too see him in me, when regardless of size, uniqueness, or difference I AM SPECIAL AND BEAUTIFUL… I too, realized that even in a different unexpected circumstance in life, I can confront without being confrontational, rather be understanding and blending with the new experience and rather gain or learn a valuable lesson or gain insight in some new perspective the stranger or situation can bring…

…He showed me respect and mutual reverence to our difference, than even though we were different, we shared so many traits, uniqueness, beauty, inspiration, and awe for each other… Without an inherent language we communicated and exchanged our own perception of the moment which engraved our lives forever… Maybe he won’t recognize me again, if we cross paths, but I surely will remember, my Regal Green Friend…

My dearest friends, lets use this extraordinary energy rampant now during the Spring’s beginning to get rid of all the emotional, physical, spiritual non advantageous baggage that is weighting our life down. Let’s allow ourselves to reign in our existence and really LIVE, experience LIFE with all of its splendor and gifts, while allowing our selves to grow, expand, realize our fondest dreams, and simply BE!

It is our choice, we can achieve anything, so allow yourself to reach out for those dusty dreams, goals, and aspirations. Maybe adjust them to this exact moment in time. Let creativity take reign of your life. Yesterday is no longer part of you, neither is a second ago. So, start NOW!

Look around and see what you have been missing. Smell what you have not smelled in ages, taste old and new flavours that you have been avoiding, allow yourself to feel, yes feel no matter your age. Yes, you can love again, it does not have to be another human, it can be an animal, tree, or item, but love someone, something, MOST IMPORTANTLY, LOVE YOURSELF! THEN LOVE EVERYTHING ELSE…

We all have issues that are unresolved, bills to pay (many times with shortages), things to face, but life goes on and on. If we do not allow ourselves to also laugh, dream, have hope/faith, have fun, share with our loved ones, ourselves, or even total strangers? Then, what is there left to live…Yes, do take care of issues, but start LIVING AND THE LOAD WILL BECOME MUCH MORE LIGHTER AND BEARABLE….IT WILL AS A MATTER OF PERCEPTION BECOME LESS OF A BURDEN… AND TROUBLES WILL START TO DISSIPATE… BELIEVE ME I KNOW…


Namaste, my friends, NAMASTE!

- Rev. Barbara Soliman

Copyright © 2010 Rev Barbara Soliman