Godspeed Pathways to Success!

Godspeed Pathways to Success!
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Monday, March 22, 2010

MOTHER NATURE'S ABUNDANCE IN FRONT OF OUR EYES: Learning through its extraordinary metaphors…

“Abundance is everywhere in nature. This Divine Presence (nature) is so incredibly self sufficient, nurturing, splendorous, and it thrives through its many species. In these photos and article it offers us an extraordinary living example of how we too can thrive in all ways by following some of its metaphors.”

I have a large ficus tree in my front yard, which is home to many wonderful creatures of the day and night. There are squirrels, birds of all types, colors, and sizes. We also have cats, raccoons, and many other unique creatures.

Of course I feed them, and they just love it when I offer them sunflower seeds. When the squirrels and the birds eat those, many seeds fall on the ground and in the ongoing circle of life, they germinate thus creating new plants. This new life creates other areas for life to thrive abundantly.

In this circle of renewal, many species flourish courtesy of its neverending sustainment. The tree serves as home to all of the animals, a delicious shade to my front yard, strength to me for its mighty presence, and beauty for its colorful crest.

I could not help but noticing as the little sunflower plants are gently thriving beneath those already grown and flowering. How so many other smaller species are dependent on them for survival as well. The bees and other insects were flying getting their life sustaining nectar. Other little, very tiny ones were surviving on its leaves. The ants and small caterpillars are living under the plants soft shadows. And we are ecstatic with great joy in admiration how they all prosper in each other’s company. Of course, there is Ying Yang in nature, better than anywhere else, so the cats sometimes feed on the birds. Their natural instinct takes over regardless of how much food their domestication offers them.

This pictures and story demonstrate in living color the metaphor of cyclic abundance. There is enough for all. There is always someone that needs a service or item. For us humans we only see our everyday survival as our weekly/bi-weekly/ or monthly check arrive. We are so dependent on it. I honestly feel that we all have something of great value to offer someone else. We all have a special gift to put at the service of others. Sometimes is of monetary value, but sometimes the abundance and richness that we have to offer is so much more valuable.

There are very rich people, who are miserable, lonely, and lack a true feeling of caring. Yet, there are extremely poor persons, who, regardless of their lack, feel rich, happy, and have so much love. This takes me back to Mother Nature’s cycle of renewal on my tree. It shows how different species feed the others, many times unknowingly, yet taking place.

They all support their ecosystem which makes them thrive. We too can do the same and follow their example.

You may have the gift of knowing how to use the computer and its wonders, can do beautiful printed items, can do scrapbooking and other creative endeavors that you truly enjoy. Maybe, you can either sell your services, or products. You can start a teaching class at a local senior’s home on how to use the internet to get in touch with their loved ones. You can give classes at a local center on your fabulous creative printed items and get paid while truly enjoying what you are doing.

You can cook delicious cookies, create your own teas, bakes your own cakes and your passion can be become a gratifying money making opportunity.

The bees and butterflies were sharing space on the flowers, so were the ants, caterpillars and cats on the ground. We too can expand our horizon and prosper while conducting that which gives us real joy.

We can share love, a kind word, a smile, even to a total stranger, they will be or feel better “just because you winked at their eye.”

Lets honor Mother Gaia in her splendor, lets follow her example of ongoing love, nurturing, and abundance for all...

“Let’s learn from Mother Nature and her magnificent ways and growth, so we too can live and grow from her example.”

Namaste, my friends, Namaste!

Copyright © 2010 Rev. Barbara Soliman