Godspeed Pathways to Success!

Godspeed Pathways to Success!
This very sacred, yet highly dynamic & professional space shifts your energy, validates your core essence and helps you realize your deepest dreams & convictions are possible!Intense Work With Angels, Aura/Chakra Reading, Mystic Parties, Exploring the World of Metaphysics & the Mind, Women Connected Groups, Drumming/Tuning Bowls and Chanting Empowernment ... Inspiration, motivation and shift in contextual values to fuel your subsconscious into action. It does not judge, it creates... I can give you the tools & momentum to thrive through your journey & celebrate each step of your way there. Use these teachings to inspire you to TRIUMPH! Go for it & Carpe Diem! Namaste!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

As we partake and expand in today's 10 10 energies I magnify its vibration by creating Godspeed Vortex of Gratitude

Today:   10 10 2017

As we partake and expand in today's 10 10 energies I magnify its vibration by creating:  Godspeed Vortex of Gratitude

... Another portal of light expands in this time space continium we call human experience, as our spirit personalized as our soul experiences the opening of its journey to a higher much higher evolutionary vortex of infinite growth. One within our innermost universal consciousnes which resonates loudly amongst the spheres and dimensional realms of light.

We are all experiencing it NOW! 

Lets once again look beyond our
daily worldly affairs and realize our spiritual and divine oneness, our divine being manifested as who we truly are...

There is more, oh so much more than meet the eyes and senses... Namaste!

On this 10 10 Portal I consciously open a Godspeed Vortex of Gratitude.

I invite each one of you to post your innermost desires in the form of an attained wish already manifested.

Tonight at 10:10 pm I will conduct a highly energetic series of manifesting decrees, chants and extreme gratitude for continuosly for 10 days, ever night at the same time.

This Godspeed Vortex of Gratitude is meant to awaken our sleepy souls, expand our innate creative powers to an exponiental degree and project our gratitude so that it resonates at this time to magnify and send it to its most divine manifestation into form.

If it is private, please send to
revbarbarasoliman@gmail.com) so that I can place it in my inner sanctum sacred space to be blessed during my prayer and manifesting sessions.  

We will make a very special joint prayer, decree, and fiat to project it to the Divine every night at 10:10 pm. 

Go for it!  Namaste!

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